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The ambassador of France expressed the desire to continue cooperation with the ABW Serbia by making connections with similar associations of business women in France, as well as by connecting French and Serbian entrepreneurs.Vice president of the ABW, Olivera Popovic, attended a seminar „New Opportunities in Business and Development” in Bucharest march 18 – 19.I saw this film as an allegory to the Serbian society.We have a band of artists, who are trying to bring up something new and fresh in their environment stuck in backwater, but are being 'raped' by government officials and ignorant peasant community, so they have no other option but to accept dirty foreign money (I say this, because that money usually doesn't come with good intentions towards locals), which eventually leads them to self-destruction.

(Business consulting and entrepreneurship development Belgrade, Serbia) and new models of funding the Association.However, Cane's brother who is a policeman interrupts a premiere, the press destroys them as well, and Marko decides he should leave Belgrade and have a tour around Serbia with his crew.Shortly after, series of conflicts happen with the viewers from the villages they visited.Two sisters from Krusevac, Serbia, decided to take part-time job in Italy, little did they know that they will become victims of human trafficking, prostitution, and well organized crime organization.A woman has been brutally struck down by a car and the two drivers have been obtained by the police.

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